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Metacognition and Creativity

Wednesday, 16 November 2011   |   Creative Thinking

MetacognitionHow often do you spend reflecting?  How often do you spend reflecting on specifically how and why you do things the way you do?  Megacognition is defined as cognition about cognition, or knowing about knowing.  It's a concept that I think is very important in terms of creativity and improving it.  Whilst there are activities you can do to improve your creative thinking.  If you really want to improve you need to move up a level.


A Riveting Read II

Monday, 14 November 2011   |   Creativity Games

Bestseller bookThis week we're in the theme of NaNoWriMo.

Game:  There are four random words listed below.  Your aim is to use at least three of them to create the title of a book.  Try to make it sound as exciting and intriguing as possible.  Can you create a book title that makes people really want to know more?

  • choir
  • mouse
  • amplifier
  • spring

The Circle and the Dot

Friday, 11 November 2011   |   Creativity Challenges

CircleDo you know just how much of your day you spend on auto-pilot?  All the opportunities that pass you by, that are right there in front of you but because you are on auto-pilot it doesn't even occur to you to consider them.  If you want to become more creative then you need to get off auto-pilot and learn to question everything around you. This weeks challenge will help you see just how much we don't question things.


That's a Silly Idea. Or is it?

Wednesday, 09 November 2011   |   Creative Thinking

CrazyThat's so crazy it just might work.  How often have you had a thought along those lines.  Or was it more like this.  "That so crazy.  It's silly.  Ok, what else could we try."  We tend to dislike things that are different.  As far as ideas go,  those that fall into the crazy category also have a habit of being quite different.  But sometimes that's exactly what we need.  Completely different thinking that really shakes the boat.


Mornington Crescent

Monday, 07 November 2011   |   Creativity Games

Mornington CrescentThis week we're commentating.

Game:  There are 5 random words below.  We are commentating a game of which we are also playing.  As such we are in a discussion about how the game is progressing.  Every comment must include one of the words below and make reference to a rule, strategy or move that a player is making.  Everything is completely made up, the sillier the better and feel free to refer to previous commenters.

  • briefcase
  • headache
  • chair
  • froth
  • iron

That's Just How I Roll

Friday, 04 November 2011   |   Creativity Challenges

UnicycleWant to be more creative?  Why not start by having a bit more fun.  When it's just a bit of silly, harmless fun,  there are no deadlines,  no implications, no KPI's to worry about.  This frees you up to just go with the flow and see where it takes you.  You never know what ideas may stem from this.  So this weeks challenge challenges you to get out of your comfort zone in a harmless way..


I would but ... Just Do It

Wednesday, 02 November 2011   |   Creative Thinking

Cliff EdgeI ask a lot of people about their creative ideas and projects they are working on.  Some people are working on some quite funky things.  Many have awesome ideas but aren't doing anything with them.  When I ask those people why they aren't working on turning these ideas into something I get a range of answers.  If you ask yourself similar questions,  what answers do you get?


Reverse Ditloids

Monday, 31 October 2011   |   Creativity Games

DitloidThis week we're concocting creative clues.

Game: There are 3 random words below.  Your aim is to create a ditloid representing a phrase that is a clue to one of these words.  (See strategy below for what a ditloid is.) Others will then try and guess your ditloid and which word you were referring to.  Try and make your clues well known phrases where you can.

  • uniform
  • escape
  • pebble

Keeping it in Balance

Friday, 28 October 2011   |   Creativity Challenges

BalanceThis weeks challenge is about realising our limits and discovering how we can easily push them higher.  I think a lot of people greatly underestimate their abilities.  Once you realise you are capable of so much more you open up a lot more opportunity.  A great way to boost your confidence and fuel your creativity.  It's simple and will only take a few minutes a day.


Creativity and IT

Wednesday, 26 October 2011   |   Creative Thinking

SwirlI recently recieved an enquiry from someone who wished to get into IT,  programming to be more specific, and wanting to know what they can do to prepare themselves.  It's always great to meet people that are pro-active.  Read on to see my response.  Although some areas are specific to programming, in general the advice is good advice for everyone.


Replaceable Words

Monday, 24 October 2011   |   Creativity Games

Random SentenceThis week everything has to fit.

Game:  There are 5 random words listed below.  Your aim is to construct a sentence where each word can be substituted in in a certain place.  You can take this in any direction you like.  You could aim for a sentence where every word makes sense or one where the words end up being humorous.

  • blister
  • souvenir
  • certificate
  • guitar
  • foundation

100 Ideas - People Powered Transport

Thursday, 20 October 2011   |   Creativity Challenges

UnicycleAlbert Einstein once said: "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."  He also said that: "Logic will get you from A to B.  Imagination will tak you everywhere."  Powerful insights, and very applicable to some of the huge problems we are facing currently.  In this weeks challenge we tackle the problem of getting more people to use people powered transportation.


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